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White Pine Rising

Seasonal Shifts | histamine & allergy relief

Seasonal Shifts | histamine & allergy relief

Mullein leaf works to soothe upper respiratory symptoms (wheezy lungs, restricted breathing) while nettle and goldenrod provide anti-inflammatory & anti-histamine support for your immune system to regulate. Goldenrod is also helpful for drying up the pesky post nasal drip from allergies. Peach leaf can address hyper-immune reactivity (especially associated with heat) and ease overreactions to allergies, having profound calming effects both physically and emotionally.

Suggested use: When experiencing flare ups, take 1mL orally as needed. For proactive use during seasonal shifts, begin taking .5mL orally per day to build defense.

All organic, foraged, and/or garden grown: Mullein leaf, nettle leaf, goldenrod flower & leaf, peach leaf & twig, spring water, and organic spirits.

All herbal preparations are for educational purposes only and do not claim to cure or treat disease or cancer.

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