Alex Crofoot was born in the southern tier of NY, among rich farmlands and birch forests. She is a trained community/clinical herbalist and full spectrum doula who is passionate about accessible herbal care and supporting all pregnancy outcomes. Alex was raised around her Southern great grandmother who was a birthing assistant for her mother who worked as a midwife and herbalist with the Chestnut Ridge People. This may explain her admiration for the plant and reproductive world since childhood.

Alex is a queer cis woman. She is the founder of the Community Care Camper a free mobile herb clinic serving underserved populations in and around Ann Arbor Michigan. She is the co-owner of Black Locust Gardens, a coordinator for the Great Lakes Herb Faire, a herbal educator, mom, animist, pagan, writer. She works on a sliding fee scale weaving together a harm reduction and client centered lens. She works mostly with AFAB people health around postpartum, pregnancy loss, abortion, gut and hormonal health.  

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Corinne Denomme (she/her) was born and raised in the greater Detroit area of the Great Lakes region. Shortly after Corinne's birth, her mother pursued a midwifery career which wove herbalism into her life forever after - a happenstance that has unequivocally inspired her life's trajectory for working with people and plants. Her adolescent years were spent growing up on wooded land surrounded by an apple orchard just on the outskirts of town. This gracious land was where a deep reverence for the more-than-human world began as it parented her through uncertain times, setting foundational attributes for ecological activism, social liberation, and weaving reciprocal relationships for community and green spaces.

Corinne has expanded her studies with Michigan herbalist jim mcdonald, online courses at the School of Evolutionary Herbalism, nature connection & community building practices under Jon Young's 8Shields Institute, traditional natural dye art with Mel Streetman, and various other community teachers.
She is the owner and creator of White Pine Rising, a grassroots business that has been providing quality small-batch herbal products for nearly a decade. She also teaches botanical dye workshops and has facilitated nature connection events.