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White Pine Rising

Inner River | lymphatic support

Inner River | lymphatic support

This formula may help your lymph system break up impeding blockages and cool inflamed lymph nodes so that it can do it’s proper job of supporting your immune system for ultimate well-being. The lymph system is often overlooked while it is one of the most important defenses we have to dis-ease. This system is responsible for detoxing wastes, moving white blood cells around the body, and supporting the immune system to fight off bacteria and viral infections. A neglected lymphatic system can present as chronic fatigue, frequent colds, cysts, enlarged lymph nodes, swelling in arms or legs, restricted movement, allergies, sensitivities, and more.

Suggested dose: Shake well. Take 1-2 mL orally as needed, especially during lymphatic flare ups or when you notice a compromise in immune system.

All organic, foraged, or garden grown ingredients: Foraged or organically grown whole plant parts of cleavers, calendula, violet leaf, and yarrow infused fresh in organic spirits.

All herbal preparations are for educational purposes only and do not claim to cure or treat disease or cancer.

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