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Breathe Deep | Herbal Tea

Breathe Deep | Herbal Tea

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This blend is very supportive when dealing with coughs, acute sickness, stuffy allergies, and other restrictive breathing.

Made with all lung-loving herbs (organic, of course), this is a very tasty mix to help straighten out a pesky cough, quell lung spasms, expel some yucky business and have you breathing easier in no time.

Less coughing means more resting can happen. This is such a great blend to have in tandem with The Mender tea for additional immunity support during active colds and flare ups.

Notes: Aromatic, Medicinal, Herby, Bitter, Sweet

Ingredients: Peppermint, mountain mint, horehound, ginger, licorice root, mullein, elecampane root, astragalus, Hawthorne berry, cinnamon 

All herbs are sourced from American herb farmers and organically grown 

Want to Know a little more about our different teas check out our blog post 

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Customer Reviews

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Lauren Phillips
Really helping lungs after mold exposure

Recently had a long mold exposure that left my lungs feeling tight and sore. This tea has been so soothing, it seems to both help the congested feeling, lung discomfort, and loosens up some old gunk. Already bought a second bag. Tastes delightful too.