1/20/24 Free Pop-Up Clinic Day

1/20/24 Free Pop-Up Clinic Day

Join our in-house clinical herbalist, Alex Crofoot, for a free clinic pop-up day!  Come by on January 20th between 10-4pm to get to know Alex's clinical practice, have a mini consult, and receive custom formulated herbal assistance - totally free to you.

There will only be 4 spots available at first come first serve.

Jan 20th  |  during open store hours 10am-4pm

Our services include acute care such as first aid for wounds, helping with colds, and flu, building immune function, and chronic health concerns. We also focus on public health education by educating people on self-care and match people with local resources. Because, the way today’s current political climate is, we are all under-served in regards to accessing affordable healthcare. We want to do what we can to alleviate some of that.

During our pop up events you can expect a small intake done and then Alex will formulate a remedy for you based on your needs. We look forward to serving you! 


A little bit of how Alex works and her past work experience:

Since graduating the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine in 2014, Alex has provided and coordinated first aid at different gatherings and events some being very remote and rural. Alex has worked on a dirt floor clinic with a team of herbalists, ER doctors, nurses, and EMTS, to provide care to 400-700 people in a week. During the week there, we also mobilize and go to different campsites to check on people daily. Alex has also been the first aid coordinator for the Great  Lakes Herb Faire, a weekend event with 300 attendees for the last six years. At the rural first aid setting we see:

2ND-3RD degree burns

Staph Infections


Substance Abuse

Urinary tract infections

Giardia from drinking live water and contaminated food.

Mental health issues 


Snake bites


Sexual assault

Read more about Alex's expertise here!


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