My educational consultations are around  60 minutes long, We will go over your intake form together addressing your health history, body systems, current medications, and together decide which conditions to address initially based on urgency and personal choice. I will work on 1:1 education around how to support the body by bringing systems back into balance. This may be achieved by using herbal preparations, supplements, and lifestyle/dietary adjustments. Upon booking a small deposit is asked to hold your place and in case of cancellation this fee will be kept. 

When used properly botanical medicine can be safe and effective. However there are circumstances when herbs shouldn’t be taken or should be taken with caution. For example; herb drug interactions, children, pregnancy, and breast/chest feeding all require special consideration. This is where working with an experienced herbalist comes in. I am confident in navigating herb drug interactions, herbal research as well as scientific research. I practice through a western bio-regional, energetic lens and bridge together my education in clinical herbalism, full spectrum doula and science classes towards nursing. Some core values in my practice are approaching our sessions from a heart centered, harm reduction, trauma informed, affirming, and inclusive space. I offer a sliding fee scale for my services, making sure care is accessible.

Improving our health with plants takes time and requires patience. It is not overnight, and it can take a few tries to get the right herb that works for you. Herbs really shine when being used in a preventive and supportive lens. 

Herbalism isn’t about a “magic pill”, “a cure”  or “one size fits all.” What might work for you may not work for someone else. Herbs take a longer time to work in our bodies than our standard western medical models. 

We are individuals and herbalists build your care plan around that within our scope. I am not a doctor and encourage you to also be working alongside a physician for a truly holistic approach to your care. 

Your first herbal consultation is $120, this includes a written review of our consultation, and what I recommend. In these recommendations I will offer a custom 4 oz herbal tincture formula (or two, 2 ounce formulas) at my wholesale rate of 10 dollars per ounce. Unfortunately this formula isn’t covered in your consultation fee. 

Each month I offer only 2 sliding fee scale consultation slots. The price ranges from 60-120 (herbs/formulas not included). However no one is turned away due to lack of funds, and if a lower price is needed then we discuss that upon meeting. I also do free pop up herb clinics if this is something that interests you then follow us to stay up to date on when they will be happening.

 Please see below for sliding scale info 

(check out the attached image for the green bottle) 

Follow ups are 60 dollars and are best to be scheduled 2-3 weeks after the initial consultation to make sure we are on the right path to optimizing your health. Follow-ups include tweaking formulas, going over any questions, adjusting supplements and diet. As well as just simply offering space and support for you.

Every follow up we make sure we are on the right track. 

Herbs and what I might recommend can come in many forms; tinctures, glycerin, teas, powders, capsules, salves, or oils.

Please give me a brief description of why you’re contacting me, this is important so I know that it is within my scope. From there we can set up a day and time that works for us both. I look forward to hearing from you.

Please bring:
- Your intake form if you have not previously emailed to me
- A notebook 
- Any questions you might have 

Email me

Legal Disclaimer I am a lay natural health ADVISOR and TEACHER who deals strictly in helping people to improve their general health and fitness through better nutrition, improved lifestyle, health habits, and positive mental attitudes. I am NOT a licensed physician, and cannot diagnose diseases, prescribe drugs, or recommend treatments for specific disease conditions. My evaluations cannot determine specific disease conditions I may have, and do not replace the diagnostic services offered by licensed physicians. I do not claim, or imply, that any instruction, advice, counsel, suggestions, recommendations, services, or products, provide, whether in person or by mail or by telephone, will cure, treat, prevent, or mitigate any disease condition; but are provided solely for the purpose of increasing energy, supporting the natural function of body systems, and otherwise improving general health and fitness. 

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- College pre-req courses for nursing including: microbiology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, statistics and more.
- ​Northeast School of Botanical Medicine intensive program, class of 2013- A clinical and science based program, that offers a comprehensive overview of anatomy and physiology, botany, rural first aid skills, integrative medicine, and clinical herbalism. 7song is a co-founder of the Ithaca Free Clinic. A free clinic that integrates Doctors, nurses, and herbalists, Located in Ithaca, NY.
- Lindera Herbal Intensive with Jim Mcdonald class of 2014- This program focuses on western herbalism focusing on bio -regional herbalism, Michigan native plants, with an energetic approach in White Lake MI.
- DONA Birth Doula Training year of 2014 at the center for the childbearing year in Ann Arbor, MI.
- Full spectrum doula training/certification through cornerstone doula training. This training covers; Reproductive justice, medical and maternal racism, harm reduction, pregnancy loss, grief and death, abortion, supporting sex workers, supporting incarcerated folk trans support, and CPS and foster systems.
- Full spectrum pregnancy loss with molly Dutton-Kenny 
- Respectful pelvic exams Molly Dutton-Kenny
- Medications for pregnancy loss and abortion management with Molly Dutton-Kenny
- Out Reach Coordinator for the Southeast Michigan Doula Project. A non profit that provides free or low cost doula services to families.
- A coordinator for the Great Lakes Herb Faire for the last 6 years. A weekend event that hosts classes taught by renowned clinical herbalists/ND’S/DR’S/nurses from all over the country in Chelsea, Michigan.
- First Aid Coordinator for the Great Lakes Herb Faire for the last 6 years. Provide herbal first aid to over 300 attendees all weekend long.
- Founder of the Community Care Camper. Mobilizing free herbal services to vulnerable communities in and around Ann Arbor, MI.
- Co-Owner of Black Locust Gardens Herb Farm, a 30 acre medicinal herb farm, plant nursery, and apothecary growing over 30 different varieties of plants.
- The Art of Distillation, and safety of Essential Oils. A two week course, studied in Southeast France taught by Aromatherapist Cathy Skipper.
- Hours of courses on clinical herbalism taught by herbalists like:
- Guido Mase (RH, Teacher of herbal medicine at the University of Vermont) Herbal pharmacology, herbal integratvie cancer protocols, Herbs for cognition, focus, and brain health.
- (Mary Bove, ND) Midwifery care herbs for pregnancy and birth
- (Mary Bove, ND) adaptogens and women’s health
- (Tori Hudson, ND) Abnormal uterine bleeding causes and integrative solutions
- (Mary Bove, ND) Herbal galactagogues
- (Aviva Romm, MD) Safe use of herbs in pregnancy
- (Chanchal Cabrera) natural medicine for ovarian cysts
- (Katy Stage ND) multiphasic dosing during a women’s cycle
- Margi Flint (RH, teacher of herbal medicine at Tufts Medical School, author, clinical herbalist), reading the body
- Maria Noel Groves (RH, clinical herbalist, author) brain-boosting herbs, herbal and natural support for thyroid health, bringing balance to the endocrine system, soothing herbs and gut repair
- Jody Noe (ND, RH, author) Medical strategies for integrative cancer therapies.
- 7song herbalism for underserved communities
- Althea Northage-Orr (RH)- herbal treatment of auto-immune diseases, bacterias, biofilms and their treatment
- Pamela Ruane (DR)- Avoiding polypharmacy in herbal medicine
- John Redden (RH) How to compose an herbal compound from intake to prescription
- Leslie Williams (RH) -herbal interactions
- Leslie Alexander (RH)- oral care: why it matters and how to work with clients
- Erika Gelantin (RH)- demystifying herb-drug interactions
- Lindsey feldpausch- Plant Phyto-chemistry
Trauma informed Herbalism, support for non binary folks and transitioning and so much more!

Pregnancy Release/ Loss Consultant

I offer in person and virtual consultations. I bring my years of education, and training with me during each consultation to work with you one on one.
Terminating a pregnancy can be a complex experience, and is handled differently by each individual. Pregnancy loss and release (abortion) can be two very different experiences, but also share a lot of the same emotions and/or experiences. For most of us abortion and pregnancy loss is highly stigmatized making many seek care alone. This can lead to feelings of isolation from our friends, family and communities. This isolation and stigma can be painful, and is unnecessary. I believe in de- stigmatizing abortion and pregnancy loss and giving each person an educated, evidence-based,  non-biased space to talk while also supporting the person with herbs if they choose to do so. I am a trained full spectrum doula through cornerstone doula training, and trained as a full spectrum pregnancy loss support person through Molly dutton-kenny (midwife) Please check out the resource list at the end of this for help with abortion access, funds and hotlines for pregnancy loss and abortion.
- Want to have a holistic abortion? Want to feel supported with herbs, 6 weeks of in person or virtual support? As a herbalist my passion is using herbs alongside your chosen plan. You CAN have an empowering abortion, alongside a spectrum of emotions.
- As a trained abortion doula, I offer a consultation before your treatment, to discuss your emotional and physical concerns. I warmly and compassionately meet you were you’re at. I can educate you on your chosen treatment process to empower you and answer any unknowns
- I can offer herbs to help with cramping, anxiety, immune strength,  and follow up with mental and physical self-care tips. If you are not supported during that decision and don’t have any way to get to your appointment, please let me know so I can see if I can help
- Unfortunately people have medical and/or sexual trauma, making  going to a clinic difficult. I can help you navigate the process and help you choose the right procedure for you. I can also be an advocate for your medical requests.
- I can provide at home comfort measures
- I can help with your self managed abortion, provide and guide you through at home comfort measures. If you are a client I am working with virtually I can send herbs that can help with comfort measures in the mail.
- I like to invite rituals if you find that they help you through the process, and draw from your own strengths and coping mechanisms you like to use to help you through difficult times.
-I offer an initial conversation/consult in person or over the phone for 60 dollars per hour, or as a package.
- Because I treat this period of time like I would for someone who is newly postpartum. My packages include 6 weeks of on going support through email and/or phone/zoom/ in person.  We chat once a week, for up to two hours if needed, (in person or virtual) text with any concerns any or every day. Custom tea blends tinctures, and/or salves are included in price. Packages are on a sliding fee scale 300 (50 dollars per visit) – 600 (100 dollars per visit). Also open to other financial arrangements, or whatever works best for you.
- An abortion doula does not provide abortions. We are only here to provide compassionate and science based support for the full spectrum of fertility.
- My resource list below, includes getting abortion pills, getting contraception, and education.
- Update 10/25/18 women can now get the abortion pills mailed to them. please go to
- For a list of clinics please visit

Postpartum Doula

Currently Not Taking Any Postpartum Clients At This Time.
It’s such an honor when working with people during the postpartum period of their lives. There is a huge gap in care for people after childbirth especially in America and this is a time many people need the most support. I cherish nurturing and honoring the new mother/parent, and guiding them through the ups and downs of postpartum with validating, affirming, and compassionate herbal care.
- You have the right to early postpartum visits and individualized postpartum care! Have an issue come up and want to use herbs? I am here for you.
- This is traditionally a time for women/people to rest, nourish, and bond with their baby. Having support to do so, is life changing and benefits not only your healing process but also  your relationship with your baby.
- As a mother myself I know how challanging the childbearing year can be. I meet you with compassionate, trauma informed, and affiming care.
- What I offer is bridging together my training as a herbalist and helping you through postpartum woes, giving you a holistic  postpartum experience.
- Currently my schedule with a child myself is somewhat limited so I offer more virtual or in person consultation support, if issues arise that you would like herbs for.
- I can offer virtual consultations around breastfeeding, mastitis, clogged ducts, mental and emotional well being, nutrition, c-section support, scar management, and other general healing questions.
- Nutrition. Food access is a huge issue in this country, and nutrition is the foundation for a healthy recovery. With my years of organic farming, and being a herbalist with a deep knowledge on whole food nutrition. I can individualize meal plans and source food from local farms. I focus on organic vegetables, wild foods, and local meat, to ensure you are getting enough healthy fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and minerals.
- Lactation Issues. I have taken classes on herbal galactagogues and can help make a custom plan for you, to help with your breastfeeding goals.
- Supplement suggestions, and breastfeeding bumps.  Custom formulas can be made to help clear up clogged ducts to prevent mastitis, ease pain and empower you to be able to help yourself through your breastfeeding journey. I can also help with breastfeeding support, by showing you good latches, how to use your pump, breastfeeding on demand,  and ease your anxieties through feeding your new baby.
- I love to make herbal bath blends, face masks, and teas, so you can feel pampered. Slip into a warm bath, with a mask and tea while I put the baby to sleep.
- Help with processing your birth experience I can be a non judgmental ear and can help you with mental health or hormonal issues after birth.
- And sometimes you don’t need any herbs at all, you just need someone to help throw a load of laundry in, clean your house, make a meal, and let you nap or shower.  
Interested in my help? send me an email, or book a consult through my calendar on here.
If you are a postpartum person navigating drug use, incarceration I am here for compassionate care as well.  

New Client Intake Form

Community Care Camper

The Community Care Camper was started in 2018 with a goal to provide free herbal services and education to people who are underserved. Currently we work with people who are experiencing homelessness, in and around Ann Arbor, Michigan. In the winter we traveled to the warming centers that are located at different churches each month. Our services included first aid care, helping with colds, and flu, building immune function, and chronic health concerns. We also focus on public health education by educating people on self-care and match people with local resources. Because, the way today’s current political climate is, we are all under served in regards to accessing affordable healthcare. Since 2020 the Community Care Camper has been on hold. With the herb shop space, we hope to do pop up clinic events with the camper.

At the warming centers I can see up to ten people in two hours. Because this takes a lot of resources like; alcohol, glycerin, herbs, bottles, capsules, labels, and over the counter supplies, donations are appreciated. These free clinics are modeled after my teachers Lorna Mauney -Brodek (Atlanta, GA) who runs, and 7song who is the co-founder of the Ithaca Free Clinic, and runs the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine.

Please follow the link below for a list of resources for women, sex workers, low income, homeless, and the LQBTQA community below

Community Care Camper