Ostara Potluck & Seed Swap | March 20th

Ostara Potluck & Seed Swap | March 20th

Spring Equinox is already around the corner and we are gearing up for another community gathering in celebration for the season's turn!

✿ Potluck style dinner. Bring a dish, beverage, and/or plates & cutlery to share if you're able to, and let's feast together!

✿ Being your extra seeds for swapping! This is a great way to grow something new to you this year, deepening your relationship to more plant kin. Remember to bring extra packets, jars, ziplock bags, labels, or whatever else you'll need to take your seeds home in. This is a group-led activity.

Looking forward to planting more seeds & community threads with y'all 🌞

March 20th, 4:30-7pm
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