Limpia Spring Cleanse with Alejandra | April 7th

Limpia Spring Cleanse with Alejandra | April 7th

It’s Limpia Time! Learn how to cleanse yourself mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and energetically so that your body can house your inner being with joy and balance. Start this Spring with revived energy.

What is a limpia you ask? A limpia is a healing ritual that is performed on people who want to revive their energy after they’ve been exposed to negative energy, when it is time to release and bring back energetic balance, and for energetic and spiritual protection. It is also used when the seasons are changing. Limpias are practiced in Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and within many Indigenous communities of North America. There is a vast array of limpias and the one I will be sharing with you is performed with fresh herbs and flowers. The herbs and flowers are gently and, with great intention, used like a broom to sweep energies off of the body.  Read more about this practice here.

11am-1pm at Bloodroot Herb Shop

Sliding scale pricing to attend! Please visit Alejandra's page to learn more and reserve your spot.

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