Imbolc Feast | February 3rd

Imbolc Feast | February 3rd


Feb 3rd   |   4-8pm

The darkest months of winter are now behind us. Imbolc is the halfway marker between Yule (winter solstice) and Ostara (spring equinox). It is meant for celebrating the emerging life all around us. It’s a time for bringing new ideas to light and for growing what we’ve reflected on over the cold winter months, to make space — physically and mentally — for your intentions to develop and flourish in the new year.

Imbolc means "in the belly of the mother" and symbolizes creativity, inspiration, fertility, hope, and poetry.

⚘ Dress up is encouraged! Get crafty, creative, and animistic with your ideas. Play with Imbolc symbols & colors, come feral in nature themed garments, or dress fancy with us!
⚘ Potluck dinner - bring a small dish to pass if you can
⚘ Herbal mocktails & tea will be provided
⚘ Bring an item for the seasonal altar (take home with you after or gift it to the altar)
⚘ Brigid Cross grass weavings will be lead by Michael of @hickorynutfarmstead - a family friendly activity!
⚘ Angie Martin will lead us in a beautiful traditional song circle after dinner for entertainment & group connection. No singing experience required!

Come mingle, connect, and feel the warmth of our community gathering in the depth of winter. We are so happy to be able to hold space for these traditions ♥️

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