1/13/24 Clothing Swap & Mending Party

1/13/24 Clothing Swap & Mending Party

It's the start of a new year, time for an old fashion clothing swap & mending party! A great reason to rid your closets of clothing you no longer wear and also complete those sewing projects that pile up year after year. Come for a brand new-to-you wardrobe.

For swapping, please bring:
Clean/washed garments in good condition. Dresses, pants, coats, bags, purses, belts, hats, gloves, etc. Other useful household items are welcomed in small quantities.

For mending, please bring:
Your own supplies. Thread, sewing needles, patches, scissors, etc... anything needed to mend your clothing.

This is a group directed gathering — feel free to trade skills and/or supplies! Our seating is limited so bring yourself a chair or sitting pillow if you'd like.  Masks are required to enter the shop on this day.  Let's keep it safe y'all.  Thank you!

Jan 13th | 1-4pm | Free
Hot tea provided
Masks required

We will donate or keep on our shelves anything that gets left behind.
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