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White Pine Rising

The Sun's Daughter | restorative serum

The Sun's Daughter | restorative serum

A cooling and moisturizing daily serum for supple, restful looking skin. Revitalize and restore your natural glow with a serum that is designed to have a lightweight-feel of protection.

The Sun’s Daughter Restorative Serum has been formulated for easing stressed, redness-prone issues such as rosacea, eczema, acne, blemishes, inflammation, and for processing environmental pollutants stored in the skin. This serum calms tender skin while stimulating blood circulation and collagen for plumpness. An excellent choice for smoothing out troubled skin on the face or elsewhere (on shaved areas, etc.). This serum is also supportive for stimulating lymph circulation when paired with massage/gua sha for facial treatments, and similarly can be used as a luxurious oil for chest tissue massage.

The ritual: First apply your favorite hydrosol, toner, or simply dampen area with water before applying a small pump of serum to the skin. Or mix your preferred liquid and the serum together in your hands before applying - this creates an emulsion with the oil & liquid for an effortless absorption. Massage into skin gently for light stimulation to bring forth the plumpness in your complexion, smoothing out harsh lines and activating your lymph system.

Free of essential oils. All foraged, organic, or garden grown whole plants infused into organic cold-pressed unrefined oils:  Rose, cardamom, calendula, elderflower, marshmallow leaf, reishi mushroom, jojoba oil, moringa oil, sea buckthorn oil, avocado oil.

All herbal preparations are for educational purposes only and do not claim to cure or treat disease or cancer.

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