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White Pine Rising

Replenish | adrenal & central nervous system support

Replenish | adrenal & central nervous system support

When the demands of our environment exceed our capacity to properly process experiences, our bodies can begin to express in gradual but significant wear and tear. This can often present as inflammation, interrupted rest & sleep, higher risk of viral infections, low libido, anxiety, depression, and fatigue even after rest. Having an effective herbal support before buckling to “burn out” can mean all the difference between managing and not managing day-to-day. If you are experiencing prolonged periods of stress, fatigue, sleep disruption, or tendencies toward over-working yourself, this is a gentle blend to help give your taxed central nervous system some much needed restoration.

Suggested use: Best used habitually. Take 1ml orally 1-3x/day for minimum 2 months.

All organic, foraged, and/or garden grown: Ashwagandha root, nettle seed, milky oats, tulsi, organic spirits, water.

All herbal preparations are for educational purposes only and do not claim to cure or treat disease or cancer.

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