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White Pine Rising

Hello, Lover Elixir

Hello, Lover Elixir

For change, transitions, grief work, sensuality, creativity, play. Hello, Lover aims to naturally work in places where there is impeded flow — mentally, emotionally, sensually, creatively. You may reach for this elixir when you need to “free up” stuck energy within, for uninhibited play and exploration, for reconnecting with the heart of Self or companions, for boundary or grief work, for a hand in transitions… all the while being a nourishing central nervous system tonic. Damiana and Ashwagandha are here to calm a strained nervous system, stabilize moods and hormones, nourishingly stimulate erogenous zones, and re-center your mental state. Cooling & calming Rose charms us with remembrance songs of the sweetness in life -- and with it’s thorny lessons, Rose offers supportive boundaries to carry out our desires. A touch of Kava Kava & Cardamom allows us to relax and expand into this space immediately, knowing we are well protected. This elixir is deliciously warm, soft, accepting and listening to your needs.

Suggested use: You may wish to enjoy anywhere from 1/2-2mL orally as needed.

All organic, foraged, or garden grown ingredients: organic damiana, locally grown organic ashwagandha root, fresh organically grown kava kava root, organic cardamom, and organic rose petals steeped in brandy and organic spirits, blended with Michigan raw honey.

All herbal preparations are for educational purposes only and do not claim to cure or treat disease or cancer.

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