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White Pine Rising

Anchor | acute stress support

Anchor | acute stress support

Anchor is formulated for soothing an overactive nervous system that may be presenting as emotional reactivity, irritability, frustration, anxiety during times of stress. It’s especially appropriate for people who take on many tasks, are big time list makers and find it tricky to “do less” often on their way to a potential burn out. Type A’s, pitta constitutions, hot headed and high achiever types could find refuge in this formula because of it’s energetically cooling & relaxing effects that help bring a person back to level ground. Generally, it’s a gentle and kind nervine formula for anyone experiencing acute high-energy stressful situations.

Suggested use: Shake well. Begin with .5-1mL orally as needed.

100% organic, foraged, or garden grown ingredients: Fresh extractions of blue vervain, skullcap, lemon balm, peach leaf & twig, and ashwagandha root in organic spirits.

All herbal preparations are for educational purposes only and do not claim to cure or treat disease or cancer.

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